Ex Sony VR Legend Announced As Host for VRTGO Conference 2017

The organisers of VRTGO are excited to announce that ex-Sony VR Legend, Jed Ashforth will be hosting their 4th event.


VRTGO is an established B2B conference and expo that looks at the future of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality.


Jed Ashforth has been a key voice of insight into the weird and wonderful challenges of VR Design, Comfort and User Experience since the earliest prototype days of PlayStation®VR. The former Immersive Experience Specialist has consulted and advised on scores of VR projects across multiple platforms, and is one of the Co-Founders of Realised Realities, a world-class VR Consultancy.


Jed Ashforth, Realised Realities, said, “I was incredibly excited to have been asked to host VRTGO this year and to have an opportunity to give a talk, too! I love attending VRTGO, it’s always brilliant. It brings together a fascinating mix of experts, business leaders, creatives and developers from many different sectors involved in VR. For me it’s become an annual opportunity to discover so many ideas and applications from the wide, weird world of VR that are going to impact all our futures.


It’s always a good day, everyone’s friendly, we have a lot of laughs, and I always learn a lot. And it doesn’t hurt that the location is pretty spectacular too. Even with me as Host, it promises to be a brilliant conference again this year!


Carri Cunliffe, VRTGO Producer said, “It seemed like the natural choice of host this year and we are so pleased he said yes.  Jed has attended all the VRTGO events and we are very much looking forward to Jed navigating the audience through an exciting agenda. Jed has spoken at the event several times and has a great stage presence and is never dull – hang on to your hats!”


Jed Ashforth will also be speaking at the event.  His session “invisible when no-ones looking” looks at user experience – the most important commodity in the world. Jed suggests all VR developers should learn to become invisible when no one’s looking so that we can change the future like before. Join Jed on a unique and surprising trip into the future of the VR user experience.


To find out more about VRTGO and to buy tickets check out www.vrtgo.co.uk


Notes for editor

VRTGO is a leading VR and AR conference based in Newcastle, UK.  On November 1st and 2nd 2017 the event will return for the 4th year. The event attracts developers, innovation managers and buyers of immersive tech. @_Vrtgo


Realises Realities is a new and innovative VR based consultancy built by 2 leading VR experts, both key figures in the creation and development of PlayStation VR. You can find out more at www.realisedrealities.com.  @realRealJed