Leading US VR Researcher to Speak at VRTGO on 2nd November, Gateshead, UK

Leading US VR Researcher to Speak at VRTGO on 2nd November, Gateshead, UK

VR is starting to pervade all areas of entertainment and industry.  Not necessarily adopted but definitely talked about.

Research is now looking at VR to gain a better understanding of human cognition. This will be explored as part of this year’s VRTGO conference and expo.

Researchers such as Aldis Sipolins, Head of Virtual Reality and Game design at IBM Research are looking at what VR means for human research, and how game design overlaps with experimental design.

Aldis is a great supporter of VR in research and in particular machine learning which he believes will enable researchers to more fully understand human cognition.

The feeling of “presence” is so powerful in VR that it elicits more natural behaviour and cognition than traditional experiments run in a lab setting. This means that data collected with VR experiments can teach us more about how we think and act in the real world.

Aldis Sipolins will be speaking in the UK on the 2nd of November at VRTGO Conference in Newcastle about his research and the power of VR.  His talk is called Enhancing Human Performance with VR and Machine Learning

His talk will look at how VR tricks your brain into believing the virtual environment is real, the power of presence, and how it’s going to revolutionize human research.

An IBM Research experiment had participants complete a memory game in VR while wearing an EEG brain sensing headband. Using machine learning techniques, researchers were able to successfully predict memory based on brain activity. In other words, they can predict whether or not you will remember something based on what your brain was doing when you saw it.

Aldis Sipolins, head of virtual reality and game design at IBM Research, said, “I’m excited to share what we’ve learned so far and give a first look at new data we’re collecting. I want to help people understand what VR means for human research and why it’s such a game-changer. It’s also exciting to meet other people working in this area and discover other cool research taking place in Europe.  I’m really looking forward to VRTGO.”

Carri Cunliffe, VRTGO Producer, “VR has many powerful uses outside of entertainment and we are seeing many more sectors using VR to benefit their businesses. The real in VR has a strength for many areas. We were thrilled when Aldis said he could make VRTGO this year. The work he is doing at IBM is ground-breaking and amazing. I think anyone hearing his talk will be inspired to look at using VR in research and other applications.”

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