VRTGO 2016 – We will be 3 years old soon come join us

VRTGO 2016 – We will be three soon come join us

We are so blumin pleased that we have reached our third year.  We say this because our first year really did seem like a leap of faith and we weren’t sure whether anyone would turn up.  We held the event before the first Oculus event and I had haunting dream of us paying for a lovely big space and only us (events team), turning up.

Thankfully year one was a total sell-out and we saw some amazing talented people and companies attending, exhibiting and also speaking. The response from people was amazing and we witnessed the power of VR and AR.

So year two was a kind of, well we did this can we do it again and will there be a slightly different audience. Year two was more about VR is here to stay we need to now get on with it and see if the consumer will buy into it.  We were thrilled to have speakers from PlayStation VR, CCP Games, Samsung Gear VR and many others.

So year three is VR is here and now there are consumers getting their heads on the equipment – crikey now where will it take all the industries.

We have some really exciting speakers from some really exciting companies including NASA, Framestore, Hammerhead VR and many more to be announced.

We also have demos galore from Nasa (get in the queue behind the events team for this one), Coatsink, Events 360 and many more.

It is a big deal and we are proud to be able to host an established VR conference in the North and at a very competitive price.  £139 ex vat as opposed to £799 ex vat!!!!

Anyway get yersel there as we say up North www.vrtgo.co.uk