XRTGO 2019, formerly known as VRTGO, will take place on Thursday 4th April at the stunning Baltic Art Gallery, Gateshead!

XRTGO is an established, high quality, curated immersive tech conference and exhibition. Since 2014 VRTGO has been helping it’s audience make decisions on their future strategy and helping businesses make those essential connections. 

XRTGO 2019 is going to be a sure thing. If I were a betting man, and I could convince Ladbrokes to take on a really weird bet, I would bet money on that fact. It doesn’t seem like such a crazy gamble when you have insider information like I do; despite my attempts to derail it as Host last year, Carri and her team decided I’m allowed back again this time on good behaviour, which is incredibly exciting news for me. And as your man on the inside, I’ve seen some of the planned speakers this time around and – don’t tell anyone – it’s going to be a fantastic line-up again this year.  

Back for its fifth epic year, XRTGO – formerly VRTGO – is the leading VR and AR conference held annually in Newcastle in the stunning setting of the Baltic Arts Centre, featuring a gallery of leading XR industry speakers and the support of a wide range of businesses, looking at how Immersive Technologies like AR, VR and MR are impacting our lives, and what our immersive future holds in store for us.  

I’ve always been a huge fan; I’ve been to every VRTGO conference since the first in 2014, back at the birth of the consumer VR landscape, and it has always been one of the key events in my calendar. I’m privileged in my job to be able to visit loads of shows and conferences across the world every year, and yet this conference is still one of the brightest highlights that I look forward to. As a businessman, attending conferences can sometimes be a calculated risk – how many strong contacts or useful learnings will I take away from this, and is it worth my time and money to attend? Sometimes you have to shake the dice and see what cards you get dealt, spin the wheel and hope you roll a pontoon. You might be able to tell I’m not really a gambling man. VRTGO has always been a wise investment. There’s no other conference quite like It in my experience. It’s such a friendly atmosphere, a gathering of some of the greatest experts, business leaders, developers and creatives from across the many different sectors that immersive technologies are benefitting. For discovering new ideas, exploring new avenues, catching up with our peers from elsewhere in the immersive industries, and meeting valuable new contacts, it’s genuinely always proven absolutely invaluable to our business. A sure thing. Plus, it’s always a really fun day with great demos to try, a lot of laughs along the way, and some really entertaining presentations and roundtables.  

Last year, for example, we had 0ver 300 people from 103 different organisations attending, over 30 companies exhibiting and 20+ speakers including NASA, PSVR, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung, Epic Games, Nvidia, Rewind:VR, Escape Technology, Coatsink, BBC, Hammerhead VR, Spearhead VR, Melody VR and many more.  

So while I can’t give you the inside skinny on who’s-doing-what-when just yet at XRTGO 2019, I can definitely tell you two things, or tell you one thing twice; Firstly, it’s going to be hotter than ever… Carri and Katy are in the throes of assembling a dazzling line-up of top talks and rousing roundtables that are going to make last year’s VRTGO look like something straight out of 2017. And secondly, it’s going to be hotter than ever – and thank goodness for that, the glory of Gateshead in April is going to be much warmer than the norm of Newcastle in November, right? I’m packing my short shorts for this one, you can bet on that.


Words courtesy of: Jed Ashforth, Founder at Realised Realities